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AirOzone ozone generators effectively remove odours from your grow room environment. Eliminating all odours from the air in your ventilation system before it leaves your ducting. When used in line with a carbon filter this adds another layer of security preventing you releasing unwanted odours out of your duct work.

AirOzone ozone generators have been developed for grow room environments to maintain high levels of ozone while matching the size and air flow through your duct work. They come in a range of sizes so are suitable suit most grow rooms environments, and can fit multiple duct sizes.

Designed and made in the EU the AirOzone is a quality product that can be serviced to extend operational life, once the ozone plates are no longer running at their full potential.

What is ozone?
Ozone is a potent and aggressive gas that reacts with other molecules and eliminates them.
Volatile organic compounds, plant odours are completely destroyed by ozone.
You can use the destructive power of ozone to your benefit to destroy odours from your grow room environment.
Ozone is so reactive that it destroys itself in a short amount of time once in the open air and is safe for the environment.
The only gas left over is oxygen.
The ozone cells inside the AirOzone pass electricity through oxygen and it recombines to form O3 ozone, it is very
unstable and looks to bond to other atoms or molecules. This force is what makes it so powerful at destroying odours
as when it combines it completely destroys the odour.
If the ozone doesn’t find odours or other molecules to bond with, it bonds with another ozone molecule to form
harmless oxygen.

  • Diameter = 150 mm
  • Max air flow = 600 m3/h
  • Power consumption = 12 W
  • Ozone Plates = 8


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