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Castors / wheels for the Eko Fit racking system.

This allows this racking system to be easily moved within your grow room, either to allow flexible layout alterations, or to maximise space by removing the need for permanent isles.

There are 2 different castor options available: either braked or unbraked.  Our recommendation would be to include at least two braked wheels on a single rack to ensure maximum safety.


What is the Eko Fit racking system?

The Eko Fit is an extremely flexible racking system for vertical farming, that offers superior strength and hygiene (see main product listing for details). This racking system is designed for use in food production and food storage systems, and is manufactured from food production-grade materials. The Eko Fit is made from polyethylene and aluminium, and is basic acid and bacteria proof, making it ideal for the challenges presented in horticultural production systems.

The Eko Fit racking system is extremely quick and easy to erect, and can be assembled without the need for additional tools (though a rubber mallet is advised). It offers the option to be either free standing, or to add castors/wheels to allow easy movement of racks within your grow room. The Eko Fit can also have corner units incorporated to maximise awkward space usage. This system can be expanded easily by adding additional sections, so as your growing enterprise develops, you can add additional grow space with ease.


Eko Fit Racking Features:

  • Very high strength offered by anodised aluminium load-bearing parts
  • Superior hygiene offered by removable polyethylene shelf slats, to enhance cleaning
  • Quick and easy to assemble – bolt free and no specialist tools required
  • Fully adjustable shelf heights
  • Temperature resistant: can handle temperatures between –30°C to +90°C
  • Innovative design which has adaptable configurations using add-on units and corner supports
  • large amount of flexibility in size variation
  • Ventilated shelves promote airflow around products grown on each level
  • Plastic components moulded to high resistance using basic acids and bacteria proof raw materials
  • NSF and NF certified
  • Certified for direct contact with food



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