Hydroponic Systems International – Hydropot System

The Hydropot System from Hydroponic Systems International is a drainage/collection system specially designed for growing pots or growing bags.

The Hydropot System is formed of a gutter, a Hydropot spacer (which elevates the substrate), retaining clips, and an outflow plate, which together make a unique and functional ground gutter system.

This system raises each bag or pot above the drainage flow, and separates it from the other bags or pots, for greater and better aeration, excellent drainage of the substrate and the reduction of moisture accumulated under the substrate.

This can help the grower achieve greater efficiency in drainage management, while allowing better root development and the growth of stronger and more vigorous plants, reducing disease problems.



What sets Hydroponic Systems International systems apart from other available hydroponic drainage/guttering systems, is their unique spacer system.

The Spacer provides a firm support to raise the substrate bags from the ground (or the gutter), allowing the drainage to circulate optimally underneath, avoiding the possibility of contamination in the same growing line. At the same time, the Spacer prevents plant roots from coming out of the substrate bags and coming into contact with the drainage. The Spacer minimizes the accumulation of moisture under the substrate, between the bag and the surface that supports it, and allows efficient drainage.

Due to the above, the Spacer helps to reduce the proliferation of diseases and their contagion between plants. With the use of the Spacer, aeration between the substrate bag and the drain flow is maximized. As a benefit of all this, the Spacer allows the grower to have significant savings in the use of fertilizers, phytosanitary products, and even allows savings in labour (no longer have to cut roots that come out of the bags, nor have to tilt the bags, nor open more drains because they have been covered with the roots that come out of the bag, etc.). The Spacer allows growers to maximize the reuse of drainage water (water + nutrients).

In the end, the Spacer helps to lessen the loss of plants during the production cycle, thereby achieving an important increase in production, both in quantity and quality.



  • Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facilities
  • Commercial grow operations
  • Greenhouses and nurseries
  • Vertical farming
  • Indoor farming
  • Urban farming
  • Grow-rooms


1 metre section Includes (price is for 100m):

  • 2 x Hydropot spacer –  30cm x 30cm x 6cm
  • 1 x Gutter – 6.2 x 34 x 6.2cm, thickness 0.7mm, available in black and white
  • 8 x Clips – available for pipes of 16mm to 25mm diameter and without piping



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