Tavlit Adir Semi Auto Disc Filters – 3″

TAVLIT’s unique and innovative semi-automatic disc filters offer the user the advantages of disc filtration without the need to open the filter and manually clean the discs, and without the expensive and sophisticated control system of an automatic disc filter.

The cleaning process is simple and quick. The user only has to turn the handle a ¼ of a turn for 10-20 seconds. The filters are available at 2” and 3” and flow rates up to 50m3/h (220 gpm).

Innovative and patented automatic disc filters. User can flush the discs without dismantling the filter. Flushing is performed with filtered water, by simply turning the handle 1/4 of a turn.

  • Water for flushing the discs is filtered with an
    internal screen
  • Two models are offered:1 action and 2 action – user needs to open a drain valve
  • Available sizes: 2″, 3″
  • Filter is equipped with pressure indicator that enables the user to see if filter needs cleaning
  • Small foot print



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