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The amount of dehumidification required by a grow environment is determined by a range of factors, but key amongst these is the amount of moisture which will be emitted by the plants as part of the process of evapotranspiration. This will constitute the principal source of humidity, and depending on this load, will dictate the size of the dehumidification function required.

Grow room dehumidification can be undertaken using either portable or mounted dehumidifiers. Whether fixed or portable dehumidification is the right choice for your production system will come down to certain priorities. For instance, portable dehumidifiers offer the flexibility to add localised dehumidification in specific areas of the grow environment, or ad hoc dehumidification for only temporary periods.

Wall or ceiling mounted systems will occupy less space and can be activated remotely, or as part of a timed system. This approach forms a permanent part of building infrastructure, but is optimum where more permanent solutions are required, as this provides constant humidity control in situ.