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Accurate direct pH measurements in any substrate in seconds

Monitoring pH level is essential in order to ensure your nutrient solution is kept within the optimum pH range. From a water chemistry perspective, pH (potential Hydrogen) plays a critical role in making nutrients soluble so that they can be absorbed by your plants. When your growing solution becomes too acidic or too alkaline, your plants won’t be able to access the nutrients they need to grow. Get the fundamentals of growing right by regularly measuring pH to ensure that this is always within the optimal range.

Bluelab’s advanced probe technology ensures that you get lightning-fast pH measurements direct from the root zone or in solutions.

  • Reinforced spear-tip for fast, direct measurement in substrates
  • Effective in soil, coco coir blends, rockwool, potting mixes and solution
  • Double-junction probe reduces reference contamination, extending longevity
  • Fast sensor response for quick and accurate measurements
  • Suitable for use with the Bluelab Combo Meter, Bluelab Combo Meter Plus and Bluelab Multimedia pH Meter
  • BNC connector is covered to prevent corrosion


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