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The Eclipse Perma Plus system is epoxy coated wire racking that is corrosion resistant hygienic shelving with added antibacterial protection. It is suitable for application in damp and hygienic-sensitive production areas, making it ideal for vertical farming. It has a 10 year anti-microbial & corrosion guarantee, and is 99.99% effective against most common bacterial strains.

This racking system is tough and hard wearing and can manage loads up to 300 kg per shelf. It has fully adjustable shelf heights and is available in 4 depths, 5 widths and 3 heights (see the below table for full breakdown), meaning this system has sufficient flexibility to fit any grow room or plant cultivation environment.

The open wire design of the Eclipse Perma Plus offers excellent airflow across the growing area, and offers sufficient flexibility to attach any additional grow rack components, such as LED grow lights or any necessary piping and cabling needed to optimise your system.

All standard units include 4 uprights with adjustable feet, 4 shelves and plastic collars. Add-on bay includes 2 uprights 4 shelves and 8 add on clips to connect to the starter bay. The frames can also be wiped clean with a dry cloth. If a damp clean is required, ensure the area is dried well. Do not use corrosive or abrasive cleaners on the frames.

The Eclipse Perma Plus racking system is extremely quick and easy to erect, it can be assembled without the need for specialist tools (though a rubber mallet is advised). It offers the option to be either free standing, or to add castors/wheels to allow easy movement within your grow room. This system can also be expanded easily by adding additional sections, so as your growing enterprise develops, you can add additional grow space with ease. Swivel castors are available in 75mm, 100mm and 120mm sizes.

Racking size options:

  • Depths: 305, 355, 460, 610 mm
  • Widths: 610, 760, 915 , 1070, 1220, 1370, 1520, 1820 mm
  • Heights: 1620, 1820, 2130 mm



  • Corrosion resistant racking with added antibacterial protection
  • Coated shelves AND posts for complete protection
  • 10 year antibacterial & anti-corrosion guarantee
  • Quick and easy to assemble – bolt free and no specialist tools required
  • Open-wire design, allowing for excellent air flow and light penetration
  • Fully adjustable – shelf heights every 25mm
  • Strong and robust: up to 300kg shelf load capacity
  • Highly durable, finished in blue zinc
  • Innovative design- reduce costs and improve access by using add-on units
  • Conforms to NSF/ANSI standard 2 – food equipment, for use in dry storage
  • Available in 87 size combinations
  • Outer wires 5.8mm thick
  • Cross wires 4.3mm thick
  • Main wires 3.3mm thick


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