Hanna Nutrient Dosing System With Hi-30033 Conductivity Probe EC/TDS/ ̊C

HI-981413 Nutrient Dosing System is engineered for maintaining the concentration of fertiliser in the nutrient solution used in hydroponics and irrigation water.

The HI-981413 uses an amperometric conductivity sensor for measuring the amount of fertiliser in the solution. The meter can be programmed to display results as EC (electrical conductivity) or as TDS (total dissolved solids). The EC results are displayed as mS/cm while TDS is displayed as ppm with a selectable conversion factor from 0.45 to 0.99. The HI-981413 was developed to be an inexpensive solution for the horticulturist to maintain the ideal fertiliser concentrations at all times. Simply insert the probe and injection valve in-line with the recirculation pump and provide the chemical to be dosed.

The HI-981413 has a powerful built-in peristaltic chemical feed pump that utilises a stepper motor which does not have any gears or brushes to wear out. This design provides for a long life and little maintenance.

The peristaltic dosing pump can be controlled by simple on/off or more advanced proportional control which helps prevent overshooting of the set point. When using proportional control the flow rate that is programmed, will be impacted by the proportional band used. The closer the reading is to the set point the longer it takes for the peristaltic pump to complete one revolution. If the reading is outside the proportional band then the amount of time it takes to complete one revolution is based on the flow rate programmed.

The HI-981413 uses the HI-30033 probe that incorporates both EC (TDS) and temperature sensors and connects to the controller with a single waterproof Quick Connect DIN connector. The PVDF body of the probe has a 1/2” threaded fitting for insertion to an in-line “T” fitting or the flow cell. The back end part of the probe has 3/4” NPT threads for submersion/tank mounting. The probe body has a hex fitting for tightening snuggly with a wrench.

  • Adjustable Flow Rate
  • Nutrient Level/Flow Switch Input
  • Programmable Alarm System
  • Multi-coloured LCD Display



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