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The HI-98168 is a rugged, waterproof, portable pH meter that allows for the direct measurement of soil pH. This meter is supplied with a specialised pH electrode that has a rugged conical tip for insertion into soil. Designed for agricultural professionals, this meter joins the Hanna 98 series of quality pH meters which are rugged and portable with the performance and features of a benchtop. It is also an addition to the GroLine range.

The measurement of pH in agricultural activities is very important due to the influence it has on the growth of the plant. Soil can be acid, neutral or alkaline according to its pH value. Most plants prefer a pH range from 5.5 to 7.5; but some species prefer more acid or alkaline soils. Nevertheless, every plant requires a particular range of pH for optimum growth.

The HI-12923 pH electrode that is supplied with the meter is uniquely designed with a conical tip and a triple ceramic junction for improved performance in soils that have a low moisture content. The probe has a built in amplifier to reduce noise from humidity that can affect the probe connection to the meter. The HI-12923 connects to the meter with a quick-connect, waterproof DIN connector, allowing for a secure, non-threaded attachment.

Each meter is supplied complete with sensor, calibration and cleaning solutions, beakers, PC software and connection cable, instruction manual, quick start guide and batteries in a rugged, customised carrying case.



  • Waterproof – IP67 rated waterproof, rugged enclosure
  • CAL Check™ – alerts users to problems during calibration including dirty/broken electrode, contaminated buffer and overall probe condition
  • Automatic or manual temperature compensation – pH sensors incorporate a built-in temperature sensor
  • Calibration – up to a five-point calibration with seven standard buffers and five custom buffers
  • Approximately 200 hour battery life – Powered by 4 x 1.5V AA batteries
  • Clear display – Dot matrix display with multifunctional virtual keys
  • Auto hold – Automatically holds the first stable reading on the display
  • Calibration timeout – Alerts when calibration is due at a specified interval
  • GLP – GLP data provides data from previous calibrations to ensure Good Laboratory Practices are met
  • Intuitive Keypad – Important and often used functions such as GLP information, help, range, calibration and backlight have a dedicated button
  • Connectivity – PC connectivity via opto-isolated micro-USB with HI-92000 software

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