Master BC 80 Air Cooler/Conditioner

Master bio coolers cool the air using a simple natural process – the evaporating water decreases the temperature of the air. A pump takes the water from a tank and wets a wide filter of natural cellulose. A powerful ventilator aspires air through the filter. The water evaporates from the filter and decreases the temperature of the air of several degrees. The fresh and clean air flows into the ambient, and cools it.

The heart of the evaporative cooling system is the cooling pad where the water evaporates and the air passing through the pads is cooled. Evaporative cooling pads are manufactured from fluted cellulose sheets that are glued together. The material is chemically impregnated with special compounds to prevent rot and ensure a long service life and easy maintenance.

A given volume of air at a certain temperature and pressure is capable of absorbing and holding a certain amount of water vapour. If that volume of air contains 50% of the moisture it is capable of holding, then it can be said to be at 50% relative humidity. The hotter the day, the drier the air, the more cooling can be done by means of evaporation. In other words, the cooling effect is best when you need it most.

The Master evaporative coolers are also developed to work well in high-humidity environments, however, and will remain much more efficient than a simple fan that just circulates warm air. These coolers will increase humidity by 2 to 5%, depending on temperature and humidity in the environment you want to cool. The slight increase is not noticeable in ventilated areas where the air produced by the unit is exhausted. 



  • Grow-rooms
  • Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facilities
  • Commercial grow operations
  • Greenhouses and nurseries
  • Vertical farming
  • Indoor farming
  • Urban farming



  • Easy to move on wheels 
  • Flaps can swing automatically
  • No installation required – connect to water hose or refill tank and enjoy cool air
  • Eco friendly: no compressor, no gas, very low energy and water consumption
  • Ionizer to improve air quality – the cooler refreshes and cleans the air of fumes, dust and odours
  • Remote control to easily find your ideal cooling modus
  • Air filters to ease maintenance
  • Produces clean air that reduces the risk of bacteria and virus
  • Needs no chemicals or refrigerants
  • Has low energy consumption
  • Virtually maintenance-free equipment



Cooling pad (dm³) 70
Air flow (m³/h) 8,000
Maximum area (m²) 180
Power consumption (W) 330
Power supply (V/Hz) 230/1ph/50
Rated current (A) 1.5
Fan speed 3
Outlet versions Front
Water consumption (L/h) 8
Tank capacity (L) 100
Direct water connection (inch) ½
Tank level control Yes
Sound level (dB(A)) 62
Product size (l x w x h – mm) 500 x 850 x 1410
Weight kg (with/without water) 32/132




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