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The efficacy of any grow-room setup can be made or broken based on the choices of a couple of key components. Lighting is one of the top considerations when designing a grow room. It is one of the essential elements for plant growth in controlled systems, and is a factor worthy of the right levels of investment.

Our light options are specifically selected from manufacturers that lead the field in grow-light innovation. These are lights that are used in the biggest commercial systems, and by academic research institutions and industry R & D teams. We present a mix of options, from lights with tuneable spectrums, dimming, and programming potential, to those with fixed settings for ease of deployment.

The right choice for you environment will depend on your intentions and budget. The ability to modify a light spectrum from UV to far red will offer the opportunity to experiment with how different light wavelengths can affect plant growth, or to induce stress to produce novel compounds (see our article on stress in production for more information). But the more control and versatility you have, the higher the investment needed.

We have lots of variations available, from total control to plug-and-play and everything in between, from the best the industry has to offer. Something to suit every grower regardless of project or crop.