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LED light technology offers a level of versatility and efficacy which is at the cutting edge of horticultural lighting apparatus. LED lights allow growers to optimise light delivery for production gains, by selecting light spectrums that more accurately match the requirements of the plant, both across different plant species and at different life cycle stages.

LED light systems are available with either fixed or tuneable spectrums. Typically, fixed spectrum systems are cheaper and are smaller fixtures. However, being able to alter the light spectrum can offer the grower advantages in terms of both future-proofing grow environments against changing crop type and cultivation approaches, and can allow growers to develop their own light recipes for production advantage, which may make the additional investment entirely justifiable.

Many LED systems also offer the potential for dimming, which can allow growers to improve energy use efficiencies, by altering the amount of light output through the day to more closely match varying plant demand.