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Without an adequate supply of water and nutrients plants will simply not grow. The choice of hydroponic or irrigation system will depend on the type of growing environment you aim to create, and the type of crop you aim to cultivate.

Hydroponic systems are varied, and each have their own benefits, but at the heart of the concept is the need to get a nutrient-rich aqueous solution direct to your plants. A key factor in this process is the set-up of the fertigation system. This will provide an accurate mix of water, nutrients, and control solutions into the system in the correct proportion. This can be extremely time consuming if done manually, and plant-demand may come outside of a 9-5 work day. Setting up a system to respond automatically will enhance your potential plant growth and yields, and minimise grower stress and labour.

We offer a range of fertigation and dosing equipment, from water-powered to peristaltic pumps, alongside a range of hydroponic and irrigation options, to ensure your plants always have access to the right water and nutrient mix, anytime day or night.