Cleaning & Oxidisers

By the very nature of working with environments that are designed to get organisms to grow and develop, keeping out the pests and pathogens, particularly microbial organisms, requires constant focus. If growth is promoted in plants, then it is also promoted in other organisms, such as algae and other microbial life.
Your nutrient solution is a key area where microbial life can develop, and if unchecked this can quickly affect the potential of you grow operation, or the health of your plants. Adding an oxidiser such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into the hydroponic/irrigation system is a simple way to reduce the potential for pest outbreaks.
Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidiser, but as long as it is included in the right proportions it offers no risk to your plants. In fact, as it breaks down into constituent parts of oxygen and water, through chemical reaction in the days following addition, it will increase water oxygenation levels which will increase the potential for plant growth.

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