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Phresh filters have aluminium tops and bases for reduced weight, and a 46 mm (1.8 in) RC-4/8 activated, certified virgin carbon bed.

Phresh Filters are state of the art carbon filters that scour the air to make it clean of dust, foreign particulates, organic compounds and odours. Competitively priced, Phresh Carbon Filters are light and long and have a large selection of sizes to choose from. Phresh Filters rely on the unique properties of RC-48 Australian activated carbon. They are used in research labs, plant breeding, tissue culture, indoor gardening, backyard & commercial greenhouses for their total airstream filtration characteristics. Phresh Carbon Filters are professional-grade systems designed to meet the demands of serious hobbyists and commercial applications

Phresh Filters are used by labs, plant breeding, germplasms, tissue culture and commercial greenhouses for their total airstream filtration requirements. This professional-grade equipment is now available to all. Control your growing environment with the best filters available on the market.



  • Cone shaped internal base for optimum air flow
  • 51% open air custom mesh
  • Unique anti air bypass system
  • Large selection of sizes available to fit any application
  • Flange and pre-filter included

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