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Featuring up to four tuneable wavelengths, variable light intensities, and exceptional build quality, ELIXIA allows you to apply crop-specific lighting strategies in you grow-environment.

The Elixia is just one light, but its tuneability means it can offer endless spectral variants, and limitless crop-specific lighting options to the grower. It also boasts a uniform light distribution, and easy installation and connectivity. ELIXIA uses primary and secondary optic lens plates to achieve uniform light intensity and maximum light distribution across a growing area. The wide optic plate allows ELIXIA to have a smaller target area for close-to-canopy mounting heights, specially designed for indoor growing, while the narrow optic plate targets larger canopies, accommodating higher mounting installations, such as greenhouses.

Elixia’s innovative and tuneable lighting allows growers to increase production cycle after cycle for year-round consistency, quality, and results, all whilst reducing energy consumption and saving on HVAC infrastructure costs.

Designed and built on a foundation of over a decade of research and experience, ELIXIA is an essential tool for any greenhouse or indoor operation seeking to deliver superior quality crops.



  • Greenhouses and nurseries
  • Commercial grow operations
  • Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facilities
  • Indoor farming
  • Urban farming
  • Research and R&D



  • 10004 spectral combinations
  • Up to: PE 2.0(μmol/J) & PF 1200(μmol/s) – 500 to 600W – IP24 – Dimmable
  • Narrow or wide optic option – depending on height from crop.
  • IP24, CE, ROHS, cETLus



ELIXIA comes with either 3 or 4 tuneable wavelengths depending on plate choice (C plate or G plate).

The C Plate includes 4 tuneable LED channels at 450nm, 660nm, 735nm, and a white 5700K LED channel. Typical Output 1140 μmol/s (output measurements include Far-red).

The G Plate includes 3 tuneable LED channels at 450nm, 660nm, and a white 5700K LED channel. Typical Output 1200 μmol/s*

*Output measurements include Far-red

C Plate

C Plate

G Plate

G Plate



Elixia 500 W Elixia 600 W
Wattage 10.5 – 500 W 10.5 – 600 W
Dimensions (L x W x H) 425  x 219 x 199 mm 425  x 219 x 199 mm
Weight 8 kg 8 kg
Heat Value Up to 1706 BTUs/hr Up to 2047 BTUs/hr
Thermal Management Active Fan Cooling Active Fan Cooling
Max Ambient Temperature 40 °C (104 F) 40 °C (104 F)(35 °C (95 F) for> 347 VAC)
Life Time L90 > 50 000h L90 > 50 000h
Power Factor
Beam Angle 120° 120°
Control helioCORE™ Compatible helioCORE™ Compatible
Warranty 3 years 3 years
Output 1200 μmol/s 1200 μmol/s
Efficacy 2.0 μmol/J 2.0 μmol/J


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