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The Arize Element L400 offers slim, efficient and robust LED top lighting complemented by flexible installation options optimized for greenhouses.

This light is a staple of major greenhouse and horticultural operations. Its design has been refined over many years of serving commercial cultivators worldwide. The Arize Element is passively cooled with state-of-the-art heat sinks for a longer lifespan and PAR maintenance. It has IP66 rating, which gives peace of mind for operation in humid and wet environment. The sloping heat sink design also minimizes the build-up of dust and debris on the fixture, easing maintenance overheads and reducing labour costs. It is supported by a five-year warranty.

Arize Element fixtures offer a wide range of installation options for both high-bay and limited height applications. Drivers can be positioned above or adjacent to the light. With a compact footprint, the fixture is ideal for applications with limited head space. This top light allows photoperiod extension or cultivation of low DLI crops. The compact Element L400 delivers up to 550 µmol/s with minimal shadowing, and radiates negligible heat compared to an HPS or CMH system, for year-round growing.

The Arize Element L400 is available in 2 different spectrum options (see below)




  • Greenhouses and nurseries
  • Commercial grow operations
  • Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facilities
  • Indoor farming
  • Urban farming



  • True 1:1 replacement for legacy 400W HPS greenhouse fixtures
  • Ultra-slim form factor for minimal crop shading
  • Super-low energy consumption: 195 watts
  • 84% more efficient than HPS at 2.8 µmol/J
  • Superior uniformity: unique optic design spreads light evenly over 4’ x 4’ (102mm x 102mm) footprint
  • Reliable and rugged: rated IP66 for water and dust resistance
  • High performance: PPF of up to 550 µmol/s



Range of spectrums available. These can be broadly divided into:

  • Type R – high red light to optimize plant growth and photosynthesis
  • Type B – light that supports biomass and secondary metabolite production
Type B

Type B

Type R

Type R



Arize Element L400 Arize Element L1000
Wattage 195 W 200 – 600 W
Dimensions (L x W x H) 614 x 135 x 97 mm 1135 x 172 x 93.2 mm
Weight 3.5 kg
Thermal Management Passive cooling Passive cooling
Max Ambient Temperature 40 °C 45 °C
Life Time 36 000 hrs 36 000 hrs
Power Factor 0.9
Warranty 5 years 5 years
Output 550 µmol/s up to 1827 μmol/s
Efficacy Up to 2.8 µmol/j Up to 3.5 µmol/j


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