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The WaterMate Pro from Harvst offers a solution to the age-old issue of irrigation management, saving growers time, money, and labour. This system allows for the automation of a necessary action which can otherwise be time consuming and labour intensive. It can ensure that plants always get the resources they need to grow, freeing growers to consider other production factors or business issues, improving overall business efficiency.

The WaterMate Pro automatic watering system is a high-power, high capacity system for large greenhouses, polytunnels and other controlled environments. It irrigates using a combination of timer and environmental data to target plants with just the right amount of water (and nutrients when coupled with a suitable fertigation system).

WaterMate is a modular watering system, versatile enough to fit into almost any controlled environment. This smart watering system helps you spend less time focussing on irrigation, and uses less water than a standard timer. WaterMate can either pump water from a tank, or you can connect it to a mains water supply, thus offering options regardless of your existing cultivation set-up.

It is designed for greenhouses up to 12′ x 18′, and polytunnels up to 40m2, but can be expanded to cater for any size grow operation. The standard kit contains up to 120 drippers, or 40 sprayers, soak hose and misters, inline pump, 20m LDPE, and 40m of micro irrigation kit.



  • Greenhouses and nurseries
  • Polytunnels
  • Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facilities
  • Commercial grow operations
  • Vertical farming
  • Indoor farming
  • Urban farming
  • Grow-rooms



  • Dual zone watering for double the capacity, and more versatility
  • Pipes, hose, drippers and sprayers included
  • Smart sensor based watering with remote management & monitoring
  • Uses soil moisture and temperature sensors along with light input from the solar panel to determine watering.
  • Option of pressurised, high flow rate off-grid pump system which can run from a water butt or tank
  • Solar or mains powered
  • Pump from a tank or use a tap
  • Dual zone automatic watering
  • Responds to heat, light, humidity and soil moisture
  • Fine control over settings via an app
  • SMS and email alerts
  • Optional tank transfer pump
  • WiFi enabled (will run without internet too)
  • Receive SMS & email alerts for high/low temperature, when watering or if your tank is empty (WiFi connection required for SMS and email alerts)



  • Control unit with built in battery
    (approx 190mm x 120mm x 45mm)
  • Solar panel
  • 12 litre/min inline pump with inlet filter
  • Air temperature sensor
  • Dual electric water valves
  • 4m of 13mm braided inlet hose
  • 20m LDPE distribution pipe
  • A selection of joints and pipe fittings.
  • 20m of 4mm micro irrigation pipe.
  • 20 drippers (red) and ground stakes.
  • 10 4mm threaded adapters.
  • 10 sprayers covering 1m2 each.
  • Choose greenhouse or polytunnel fixings.
  • Web app for Android and iPhone.


Optional extras:

  • Soil moisture sensors
  • Extra pump for tank-to-tank transfer or misting


inc. VAT


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