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The AMI Penta offers state of the art fertigation and irrigation control. It has enormous capacity and can manage up to 7 different inputs from fertiliser or control solution tanks, and up to 20 different fertiliser recipes. This system is for serious production operations and can offer the levels of control and automation needed to ensure maximum plant growth potentials are achieved.

AMI Penta fertilizer mixer is easy to operate with well-arranged menus shown on a large 10.1” touch screen. Many languages are available and switching between them is very simple. This minimizes the risk of human errors in nurseries employing people of different nationalities.

AMI Penta can be equipped with the PP40S dosing pump, which gives a precise dosing at different levels in the stock solution tanks. Venturi dosing units are also a possibility, and these give a precise dosing at equal levels in the stock solution tanks.

AMI Penta can control up to 100 groups with individual start conditions. For each group you can choose between 20 different recipes with information about EC, pH and the fertilizer mix. Each group can control up to 30 valves, and these can be chosen freely between the 200 valves available in the mixer. Up to 9 valves can irrigate at the same time which gives a maximal utilization of the capacity. Irrigation time and volume can be set individually for each valve.

To get the same water mix to all valves in the same group, you can mix fresh water sources and return water in ratio percentages. Up to 8 return water basins can be selected with individual control. Thereby the return water is recycled and the water resources optimized.

When you buy an AMI Penta, you get exactly the functions and the functionality you need. The software in AMI Penta is based on a standard operating system and is easy to update and expand with more functions and larger capacity when needed. AMI Penta can be connected to one central PC with the SuperLink central control program for further analysis.

AMI Penta can be setup and optimised for your system. There are a range of options for this fertiliser mixer depending on your crop, environment, and fertigation requirements. Prices start from around £10,000, but to ensure you get the right setup for your production system we would recommend speaking to our in-house experts.




  • Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facilities
  • Commercial grow operations
  • Greenhouses and nurseries
  • Vertical farming
  • Indoor farming



  • Software for all groups, recipes and opening of valves are included in the price – no extra future cost if your needs change
  • Reliable – high quality – long-lasting mixer
  • Flexible setup up to 100 irrigation groups with up to 30 valves per group
  • Advanced control of plant growth by use of sensors
  • Setup your own fertilizer recipes (up to 20)
  • Many languages are available and switching between them is very simple. This minimizes the risk of human errors in nurseries employing people of different nationalities
  • Always delivered with mixing tank – ensuring the right mix of fertilizers and thereby higher accuracy of EC and pH control
  • User-friendly touch display – intuitive and easy-to-use menus securing the full overview
  • Several starting options by additional choice of various sensors
  • Based on your greenhouse’s needs
  • To be designed for your special requirements



  • Your own naming of fertilizer recipes and irrigation groups
  • Modular design for easy expansion
  • Collection of data and full control of mixer via PC program SuperLink
  • Flexible setup of the system – sensors can be used across the watering groups
  • 6 time zones per day – 6 different watering strategies – ensuring the EC/pH is automatic adjusted each morning and night
  • Several alarm setups
  • SIIP (Senmatic Intelligent Irrigation Program)
  • Manual start of individual valves
  • External start
  • Sun integrator
  • Drain control
  • Volume control
  • Frost protection
  • 24 hour program
  • Week program


Next steps:

There are a range of factors to consider before building your AMI Penta fertigation/irrigation solution. In advance of speaking to our in-house experts, getting a clear idea of some of the requirements of your operation will help to identify the right solution for you.

  • How many cubic litres of liquid per hour will the system need to manage?

This will define the pump size.

  • How many types/lines of fertiliser or control solution are desired?

This will determine the number of venturis needed.

  • Do you wish to control pH?

This will determine sensors needed.

  • How many irrigation valves are needed?
  • Do you aim to develop a recirculating system and reuse water/fertiliser mix?

This will determine if additional equipment such as a return tank are needed

Don’t worry if you do not have the answers to everything just yet – we can help!


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