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VA Penta Irrigation Controller offers state of the art control over your irrigation system. It is easy to operate with well-arranged menus shown on a large 10.1” touch screen.

It boasts enormous capacity and flexibility and can control up to 100 groups with individual start conditions. Each group can control up to 30 valves, and these can be selected freely between the 200 valves available today in the mixer. Up to 4 valves can irrigate at the same time which gives a maximal utilization of capacity. Irrigation time and volume can be set individually for each valve.

The VA Penta can also offer growers enhanced control over water resources. In order to get the same water mix to all valves in the same group, it is possible to mix water sources and return water in ratio percentages. Depending on how much water is available in a basin, the mixer automatically changes the mixing ratio. Furthermore, the VA Penta also has an automatic filter cleaning function which is activated when a loss of water pressure is detected. This can happen with systems utilising rain water and return water, where the filters for incoming water can often clog. This can affect the water pressure and thereby the amounts of water fed to the fertilizer mixer. The automatic rinse is performed when the mixer is not busy with other activities.

When you buy a VA Penta, you get exactly the functions and the functionality you need. The software in VA Penta is based on a standard operating system and is easy to update and expand with more functions when needed.

Like the AMI Penta, The VA Penta Controller can be setup and optimised for your system. There are a range of options for this controller depending on your crop, environment, and fertigation requirements. To ensure you get the right setup for your production system we would recommend speaking to our in-house experts.



  • Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facilities
  • Commercial grow operations
  • Greenhouses and nurseries
  • Vertical farming
  • Indoor farming



  • Software is integrated – therefore no extra cost for expansions
  • Flexible setup of irrigation groups
  • Large capacity and flexibility
  • User-friendly touch display
  • Your language is available
  • Advanced control of plant growth
  • Valves are placed in groups with associated irrigation times.
  • Can control up to 100 groups with individual start conditions
  • 6 time zones per day – 6 different watering strategies
  • Up to 8 valves in parallel



  • Main pumps: 2
  • Valves: 200
  • Groups: 100
  • Manual start of individual valves
  • External start
  • Sun integrator
  • Drain control
  • Volume control
  • Frost protection
  • 24 hour program
  • Week program


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