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The FL300 Sunlight is a controllable LED fixture that replicates sunlight.

The FL300 Sunlight is equipped with a patented active cooling system that enables a low LED temperature and therefore a long lifetime that a passive cooled LED fixture does not have. Its design includes a patented optical lens system that enables a traditional installation plan similar to HPS with homogenous distribution profile on plant level.

The light intensity can be designed for individual crops in combination with DGT by Senmatic’s LED Light Controller or LCC4 Climate Control systems. FL300 Sunlight is CE marked according to standards in horticultural lighting and ROHS compliant.



  • Greenhouses and nurseries
  • Commercial grow operations
  • Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facilities
  • Indoor farming
  • Urban farming



  • Dynamic control of the light intensity
  • Consistent light on the plants due to an optical lens system (patent pending)
  • Spectral distribution similar to the sun
  • Enables easy integration with climate control systems
  • Better plant quality and higher output
  • Long lifetime with no reduction of the light output
  • Danish developed and manufactured since 2015
  • The natural replacement for the conventional HPS systems



The spectral distribution for the FL100 Sunlight is shown together with a spectral profile of actual sunlight.



F300 Sunlight F300 Grow White F300 Grow
Wattage 100 – 550 W 100 – 550 W 100 – 550 W
Dimensions (L x W x H) 550 x 230 x 160 mm 550 x 230 x 160 mm 550 x 230 x 160 mm
Weight 12.4 kg 12.4 kg 12.4 kg
Thermal Management active cooling system active cooling system active cooling system
Max Ambient Temperature 40 °C 40 °C 40 °C
Life Time 70000 hrs 70000 hrs 70000 hrs
Control LCC4 Controller LCC4 Controller LCC4 Controller
Output 947 μmol/s 1265 μmol/s
Efficacy Up to 1.5 µmol/s per Watt Up to 2.3 µmol/s per Watt Up to 2.5 µmol/s per Watt


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